• Gemplers
    ARS Leather Fruit Pruner Holster
    Seller: Gemplers
    Manufacturer: GROWTECH
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > gardening > gardening tools

    Leather holster protects ARS Fruit Pruners, item numbers ARS 310, ARS 340 and ARS 350, and keeps them handy when on the job. Features a high-tension metal belt clip. See all pruning equipment and accessories

  • Gemplers
    Felco and Corona Leather Pruner Holster
    Seller: Gemplers
    Manufacturer: FELCO
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > gardening > gardening tools

    Low-cost leather holster fits all Felco and Corona pruners. High-tension clip fits on pocket or belt. See all pruning equipment and accessories

  • Gemplers
    8"" Shaped Holster
    Seller: Gemplers
    Manufacturer: SNAP-CUT
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > gardening > gardening tools

    This 8"" shaped holster holds pruning tools snug against your side without straps or snaps and is made to fit a variety of pruners and pliers that measure 8""L or smaller. This holster is made of lockstitched and riveted natural top-grain steer hide leather with a 5 3/4""D pocket. Includes a high-tension 2"" belt clip and 2""W belt slots. USA made. See all pruning equipment


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visit: http://www.toollanyardsbagsandbelts.comThe Cobra has been designed from conception as a retractable tool lanyard, making it specific for its purpose. It provides flexibility in tool reach combined with a reduction in tripping and snagging hazards, with only the required amount of cable...(Posted by cory1bennett at 07/06/10)

Build Your Holster Platform | New American Truth

Just a couple weeks ago I was teaching a handgun course and there came a point on the range where I realized, looking down the line of students , that every one of them was wearing / carrying their handgun differently. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the follow on was me examining each platform trying to ascertain what specific purpose it had been built for....

Source: New American Truth

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