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    Swingline Tiny Tot Staplers, 12 Sht Capacity, Blue
    Seller: Office Depot
    Manufacturer: Swingline
    Category: office products > office electronics > other office equipment > shredders

    Keep a tiny stapler handy for your everyday stapling needs The miniature stapler is a perfect solution for regular stapling at home, work or school. It's small in size but big on power. Fastens up to 12 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time with standard-size staples. Features a convenient built-in staple remover. Store extra staples in the spare staple-storage compartment. Its high-impact, plastic...

    Hewlett Packard F2G72A LaserJet 500-Sheet Stapler-Stacker
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
    Category: computers & accessories > monitors

    HP LaserJet 500-Sheet Stapler-Stacker Brand New Includes 90 Day Warranty, The HP F2G72A improves workflow management and accommodate multiple users by upgrading your printer to automatic stapling and sheet stacking. Monitor your printer less frequently with convenient automatic job stapling and sorting in the additional output bin. F2G72A Features: Stapler/Stacker, Packaged Quantity: 1, Media...

    Hewlett Packard CZ994A Stapler/Stacker
    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
    Category: computers & accessories > monitors

    HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker Brand New, Product # CZ994A The HP LaserJet Stapler/Stacker provides automatic stapling and stacking for improved efficiency and increased output capacity. Sheet Stacker/Stapler Tray, Media Type: Plain Paper, Media Capacity: 3500 Sheets, Compatible w/ HP LaserJet Enterprise flow MFP M830z - Flow MFP M830z NFC/Wireless direct - M806x, M806x NFC/Wireless direct - HP...


VeggieTales: Where Have All the Staplers Gone? Silly Song

Check out this Silly Song from VeggieTales: 'Pistachio - The Little Boy That Woodn't -- Larry and Petunia belt out an Obscure Broadway Show Tune about their ...

TOP 10 Best Desktop Staplers to Buy

Click Here 10 Best Desktop Staplers to BuySwingline 06701 Swingline Model 67 Electric Stapler, 25 Sheet Capacity, BlackEl Casco Large Stapler Black And 23Karat Gold PlatedEl Casco Small Stapler Black And ChromeEl Casco...(Posted by arz4ck at 12/05/11)

Alliance of the Damned's Staplers | The Matticus Kingdom

Stuck on you -

It had the perfect heft. I loved feeling its solidness whenever I held it in my hand. Yet, it didn’t weigh so much that I was distracted by fantasies of using it to clock my micromanaging boss in the head.

I inherited the tape dispenser when I was hired to work in the events office at a conservatory. Technically, it wasn’t mine; it belonged to the office. Yet,...

Source: The Matticus Kingdom

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    Deputies said footprints were found near the tree which led to the trailer. Stolen items included multiple jack hammers, chop saw, band saw, roof gun, jigsaw, sawzall, router, planer, nailers, staplers and a compressor. Tweet. Please enable JavaScript

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    For example, at the beginning of your career, the kinds of industrial colors you favored, drawn from everyday objects like manila envelopes and staplers, were a way to solve the problem of color without having to invent it yourself. Mangold: Right. I