• The Black Bow
    Stainless Steel, Wood and Black Accent Cross Necklace
    Seller: The Black Bow
    Manufacturer: Chisel
    Category: jewelry > women > fashion > necklaces

    This two-tone cross necklace is crafted from wood color and black-plated stainless steel, features a flexible striped design and includes a black 18 Inch woven leather cord. The pendant measures approximately 1-3/4 Inch x 1 Inch including the bail.

    $78.99 $166.99
  • The Black Bow
    Stainless Steel And Wood Cross Necklace - 22 Inch
    Seller: The Black Bow
    Manufacturer: Chisel
    Category: jewelry > women > fashion > necklaces

    Take contemporary style to the next level with this polished stainless steel necklace featuring wood accents and a black-plated center. The pendant measures approximately 1 1/2 Inch by 2 1/8 Inch and comes with a matching 22 Inch beaded chain finished with a fancy lobster clasp.

    $56.99 $120.99
  • Walmart US
    1-1/2" WOOD CHISEL 351167
    Seller: Walmart US
    Manufacturer: GreatNeck
    Category: tools & home improvement > power & hand tools > hand tools > chisels > wood chisels

    Open stock. Wood chisels are hand forged of fine carbon alloy steel, double hardened with a 2-1/2" blade, a keen cutting edge and durable plastic handles. No. 351096: Blade Width: 1/4", Blade Length: 2-1/2", Type: Wood, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Clamshell No. 351103: Blade Width: 3/8", Blade Length: 2-1/2", Type: Wood, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Clamshell No. 351112: Blade Width: 1/2", Blade...


Preparing and sharpening a woodworking chisel - with Paul Sellers

In this video Paul shows how you can prepare these cheap chisels, for fine woodworking, using simple and accessible techniques. For more helpful information ...

How To Use Wood Chisels

This VideoJug film gives you tips on carpentry. It helps you on how to use a wood chisel. A wood chisel can be used to work on all types of wood.(Posted by VideojugLifestyleandHome at 05/27/11)

Blog: English Mortise Chisels - Mid-18th Century to Now - Introduction

One day in the 1980's, when I studied woodworking with Maurice Fraser, I came to class for what was the first of a sequence of classes on chopping and fitting mortises and tenons. "Mortice" with a "C" being the English spelling and "mortise" with a "S" being the American spelling.
Maurice wanted us to use the correct tool for chopping a mortise. Which was an English Mortise Chisel...

Source: Joel's Blog at Tools for Working Wood

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