• Joann
    Scotch 0.5x6 yds Double-Sided Tape With Applicator
    Seller: Joann
    Category: office products > tape adhesives & fasteners > tape > packaging tape

    Dispense tape for precise application in myriad creative projects easily, using the Scotch Double-Sided Tape With Applicator. Its designed especially for use with the Scotch Double Sided Tape Applicator and offers light-duty adhesion so you can mount projects. The portable tape dispenser blade is hidden and protects the tape roll from damage. This pack includes one tape applicator and one...

    $4.79 $7.99
  • Staples
    Scotch Double-Sided Tape Applicator Value Pack
    Seller: Staples
    Category: office products > tape adhesives & fasteners > tape > transparent tape

    Convenient application for Scotch Double Sided Tape Includes 6 rolls of Scotch Permanent Double Sided Tap Dispenser is refillable with Scotch double-sided tape

  • Kmart
    Tombo MonoA Correction Tape with Mini Applicator
    Seller: Kmart
    Manufacturer: Tombo
    Category: office products > writing & correction supplies > erasers & correction products > correction tape

    Transparent mini-model applicator lets you pinpoint and cover mistakes quickly, cleanly and completely. Write or type over film instantlya"no drying time needed! Does not leave copy or fax shadows. Acid-free. Correction Tape Type: Non-Refillable; Global Product Type: Correction Tapes; Line Coverage: 1; Tape Width: 0.17 in.


Double sided tape application with SPEEDY (made in Italy)

Speedy double sided tape applicator Adding the speedy double sided tape applicator to any of the Fidia machine, is possible to produce fully automatically cu...

Makeup Applicators Get a Makeover

Cosmetics companies are coming out with new applicators that make professional-level styles easier to replicate at home. Elizabeth Holmes joins Lunch Break with the beauty world's latest offering. Photo: F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal. Copyright 2013, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. (Posted by WSJ Live at 03/20/13)

Outserting – Glue vs. Tape applicators | MGS Machine

Less downtime – Typically, outserters using tape will incur more downtime due to roll changes, roll splicing, roll alignment, and other maintenance issues. With the improved glue technology and the performance of the latest nozzle designs, previous hot melt issues have been all but eliminated, translating to a much more effective and efficient application method. Better bonding – With the...

Source: MGS Machine

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