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    1-1/4"" Chisel-Scraper- 7-1/2"" Length
    Seller: Toolbarn
    Manufacturer: Grey Pneumatic
    Category: industrial & scientific > cutting tools > industrial drill bits > metalworking & multipurpose drill bits > twist bits > jobber drill bits

    Specifically designed for use with impact tools, these chisels are made of high quality alloy steel and heat treated to provide the correct balance of strength and durability.


Needle Scalers & Chisel Scalers - Low Vibration

Our needle scalers and chisel scalers are high-powered and low-vibration which allow for greater productivity and operator comfort in concrete, masonry, meta...

Edinburgh Metalworker you are looking for a Metal Worker in Edinburgh, UK?The National Home Service is the fast, FREE and easy-to-use online way that saves you the time and hassle of having to phone around to find the tradespeople that you need.Simply click through...(Posted by CEedinburgh at 02/15/14)

Does anyone know anything about japanese metalworking cold ...

Howdy everyone,
For those who don't know i've decided to try my hand at building my own funa dansu/ships chest after having spent the last few years restoring originals along with all sorts of other chests for other people.
I've chosen a design somewhere along the lines of these two chests, though much closer to the second (and yes, i do know its a monstrous job and i'm probably...

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