Fiskars 78806935C Uproot Weed/Root Remover Uproot 39 In
    Manufacturer: Uproot
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > gardening > gardening tools

    Weed/root remover, 39 inches length. Easily remove invasive plants from your lawn without having to kneel, bend over or use herbicide. Foot platform makes it easy to step down and maximize force to penetrate tough soil. 3 serrated stainless-steel claws grab weeds by the root for clean removal, plus an easy eject mechanism on the handle clears the head between uses. Sturdy steel shaft provides...


Using the Fiskars Weeder

After buying the Fiskars PowerGear ® Bypass Lopper and seeing the quality that went into those I was intrigued by other products there. We had borrowed the lo...

LAKEMAID® - Automatic Lake Weed and Silt Remover

Go ahead! Jump right in! Feel the sand beneath your feet! The LAKEMAID® from Lake Restoration eliminates lake weeds and silt, so you don't have to. *Safely elminate lake weeds *Prevent muck and silt build up *Easy to install with one person *Easy to move and share *Expose the clean, sandy...(Posted by Lake Restoration at 03/14/13)

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