Outlook of stepless speed control electric chain hoist

Brand: SAN YUAN; Capacity. :2~1/6Ton; Motor: 0.9 Kw; Hoist spped: 1~1/10 of full speed; Power supply: 1 Ph or 3 Ph.

2 Channel 10A DC Reversing Motor Remote Controller Speed Adjustable

This 2 channel motor remote controller S2PFS-DC model of 0020503 (S2PFS-DC12/24 & CV-6) can be used to control 2 motors rotating forward and reversal. Maximum working current is 10A for each channel. It features in speed adjustable function; speed of motor can be adjusted by the knobs on the...(Posted by Yanru Gong at 01/23/13)

Se Electronic Stepless Speed Controller | En Ligne

Se Electronic Stepless Speed Controller Video En Ligne : Se Electronic Stepless Speed Controller is currently available now on All Electronics Store starting at CDN$ 46.80, selling for CAD brand new. Manufactured by SE. There are 2 units left brand new. Product Features : Replaceable 15 amp fuse 15 amp maximum 120 volt Product Description: The Speedster is […]

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  • Marine Searchlights feature dual light head platform.

    Extremely versatile, the searchlights have unlimited, 100% vertical and horizontal maneuverability, and dual axis stepless speed control of 0 to up to 33 degrees per second. The IP66 acid-proof stainless steel housing can be mounted upright or hanging 

  • Drive Glossary

    The idea is to stop a car's wheels locking up during braking, because a skidding wheel has less retardation ability and (if it's on a front wheel) does not allow steering control. Sensors on the wheel detect At lower speeds, when parking the car