Shovels & Rope: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Shovels & Rope's presence in the NPR Music offices attracted plenty of interest; many in attendance had long since fallen in love with the husband-and-wife d...

NYC Mayor De Blasio Shovels Snow At His Brooklyn House

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shoveled the snow in front of his Brooklyn house on Friday, in what was his third day on the job as mayor. Clearing the sidewalks of snow is no small thing for mayors. Just ask Michael Bloomberg, de Blasio's predecessor, who took all kinds of grief after Gotham's streets...(Posted by wochit at 01/03/14)

Moving Picture Boys' The Ballad of Shovels and Rope Previewed ...

The cheerful storyline will likely please fans as the narrative juxtaposes the band's hits against the couple’s teasing commentary and unrehearsed slapstick — for instance, a scene where Hearst visits a coin laundromat on Johns Island and the washing machine bursts spilling water across the room. In the next take we see Hearst smiling and mopping up the mess herself, a glimpse of their...

Source: Charleston City Paper

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  • KEYC - Mankato News, Weather, Sports - - Shovels and Snow blowers Get an ...

    Several area schools got a delayed start this morning due tosnow covered roads and poor visibility. We went out to get some reaction of this early April snowfalland as you can imagine, the general consensus of the crowd wasn't in favor ofwinter coming

  • Washington Mudslide Search Comes Down To Shovels

    Four search and rescue workers wade through water covering Washington Highway 530 Thursday, March 27, 2014, on the eastern edge of the massive mudslide that struck Saturday near Darrington, Wash. as heavy equipment moves trees and other debris 

  • Mudslide Recovery Brings Searchers to Tears

    There is only one way searchers are narrowing the list of 90 people still missing seven days after a landslide obliterated the mountain community of Oso: by digging. There are no more phone calls being made out of the Snohomish County Emergency 

  • Strike up the band, put the snow shovels away -- baseball is back in town

    After one of the heaviest snowfalls in recent memory, it was time to put the snow shovels away and head downtown to the square to cheer the Reds. It's opening day. Baseball is back. Cincinnati is the only Major League Baseball franchise to hold a

  • Moving Picture Boys' The Ballad of Shovels and Rope Previewed

    Kickstarter supporters and a few cast members were treated to a preview of rock documentary The Ballad of Shovels and Rope at American Theatre last Sat. March 22. The project, developed by Moving Pictures Boys (director Jace Freeman and producers