• Gemplers
    Corona Hedge Shears With Heavy-duty Aluminum Handle
    Seller: Gemplers
    Manufacturer: Corona
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > gardening > gardening tools

    These Corona Heavy-duty Aluminum Handle Hedge Shears combine the advantages of forged strength and light weight. The blades are made of a resharpenable, forged steel alloy treated for strength, and the high-strength elliptical handles are made of a lightweight aluminum with nonslip co-molded grips and forged-in bumper cups with a neoprene ShockStop bumper. 24"" shears have a 8""L blade and...

  • Kmart
    Craftsman Extendable Handle Hedge Shear
    Seller: Kmart
    Manufacturer: BAY VIEW MUSIC
    Category: patio, lawn & garden > mowers & outdoor power tools > mower parts & accessories > mower replacement parts > handle parts

    Extendable Handle Hedge Shear

  • Amara
    Cristel - Cookway Detachable Long Handle
    Seller: Amara
    Manufacturer: Cristel
    Category: home & kitchen > kitchen knives & cutlery accessories > shears

    This Detachable Long Handle from Cristel has been designed to use alongside Cristel's Cookway Range. Promoting a safe kitchen environment for children, its removable nature means if dishes are being left to cook they will be unable to reach the hot pan. Automatically locking into place each grip can be applied with just one hand, while its sturdy Bakelite material means it is ovenproof up to...


How to use a long reach pole hedge trimmer safely A demo of how to cut very tall hedges with a petrol long reach pole hedge trimmer. This is how you cut very tall hedges safely wit...

Fiskars 9675 Power Lever Hedge Shears (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Review

Fiskars 9675 Power Lever Hedge Shears (Discontinued by Manufacturer) ReviewRead More Fiskars 9675 Power Lever Hedge Shears (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Power-Lever mechanism increases leverage to make cutting 2X easier than single pivot shearsSharp, precision-ground...(Posted by ErlineEden476 at 01/22/14)

Best Garden Hedge Shears: Manual, Long Handled, Telescoping ...

Manual hedge shears can be more pleasant to use than electric hedge trimmers. They are quiet, reliable, precise, cut cleanly, and you don’t need to run a power cord out into the garden. They cut through branches 1/4 to 1/2 inches in diameter. Anything thicker and you’ll need a saw or loppers.

Standard shears are about 20 inches long, with an 8- to 10-inch blade and 10- to 12-inch...

Source: Pisang Product Guide

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    A. The first long-reach hedge trimmer available in the Stihl battery range, model HLA 65 literally extends cordless appeal. Trimming tall and wide hedges, the unit has a 2m length giving a reach of up to 3m and the cutting head adjusts through 115 degs

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    Last year saw the introduction of two new standard hedge trimmers plus a long-reach unit for tall hedges. Superseding two popular cordless hedge trimmers, the second-generation Stihl 36V HSA 66 (50cm single-sided bar with 30mm tooth spacing) and HSA