PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L8 20V Max 8-Tool Combo Kit

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  • PCC601 1/2" Drill Driver, and PCC641 1/4" Impact Driver
  • (1) PCC685 4.0Ah battery, plus (1) PCC680 1.5Ah battery
  • PCC700 LED Flash light


  • Brownells
    Cooper Power Tools Round Files
    Seller: Brownells
    Manufacturer: Cooper Power Tools
    Category: media > books

    American pattern, smooth cut round files allow even, gradual metal removal for an outstanding finish. Available in several different diameters to handle a variety of jobs. Mfg: Cooper Power Tools SPECS: Steel, round files. 7 3/4"" (15cm) long x 1/8"" (3.2cm) or 5/32"" (3.9cm) dia.; 9 1/2"" (15cm) long x 3/16"" (4.7cm) , 7/32"" (5.5cm) , or 1/4"" (6.3cm) dia.

  • Brownells
    Cooper Power Tools American Pattern Hand Files
    Seller: Brownells
    Manufacturer: Cooper Power Tools
    Category: media > books

    One of the basic gun work files and an excellent, all purpose file for dressing, striking off, shaping and metal removing of all types. Parallel in width, taper slightly in thickness. Double-cut sides; one edge is single-cut, other is safe. Mfg: Cooper Power Tools SPECS: 8"" (20.3cm) American, 25/32"" (19.8mm) wide x 7/32"" (5.6mm) thick. 10"" (25.4cm) American, 31/32"" (24.6mm) wide x 1/4""...

  • Brownells
    Cooper Power Tools Mill Files
    Seller: Brownells
    Manufacturer: Cooper Power Tools
    Category: media > books

    Made especially for draw-filing and finishing metals. Taper slightly in width, thickness stays the same over the entire length. Both edges are square. Single cut on sides and edges. Mfg: Cooper Power Tools SPECS: 6"" (15.2cm) , 19/32"" (7.1mm) wide x 7/64"" (2.8mm) thick. 8"" (20.3cm) , 25/32"" (19.9mm) wide x 9/64"" (3.6mm) thick. 10"" (25.4cm) , 31/32"" (24.6mm) wide x 11/64"" (4.4mm) thick.


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